Elephant - Intergalactical Luna (Quantum Digits Rec​.​, Compiled by Oxomo)

by Elephant

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We choose to give out our first complation digitally and free!
Compiled by Oxomo, mastered by DigitalX (Lyncantrop Rec.), artwork by; Otkun and released by Quantum Digits Records.
Thanx to all artists for their amazing music and participation!
Thanx to Otkun Atman for all the support! And all other friends, who help to make this VA real!

Kristal aka OXOMO (Sound Monsters)


Seeds Everywhere!
Sound Monsters Crew and Quantum Digits Records would like to present you their first VA. Panspermia. Unique and new producers from different continents of the world, tracks that carefully selected and also especially created for this VA. With their new approach of darkside/psycore music we will travel both outer space and deep into magma.
In this VA we’d like to focus on Panspermia Theory.
Panspermia Theory suggests that seeds of life came from outer space and planets exchanged life. Life can spread from planet to planet or from stellar system to stellar system, carried on meteors. Panspermia literally means ‘seeds everywhere’.
When life has a structure that moves forward and expands with every atom, the so-called ‘smartest’ species of Earth, destroys its own kind and other species around it...
Is humankind a biological virus or a magnificent species that will evaluate the experience of life and give meaning to existence ???
We are the beings living and transforming the life force. With every possibility of life. Wherever life comes from, now its here! and now is the time to give a meaning to our existence, to design our seed of life…
It’s time to remember that universe is too beautiful not to be experienced by living beings, so we should honor life as a sacred phenomenon…
Sound Monsters -We are universal team base on Turkey and our main purpose is to bring good sound, give inspiration and kick start for new era.
We send you sound seeds from different sides of earth, to germinate a new idea!. ----




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Musikproduction / Dj / Künstler / Live Act
no preset sounds, live recording ,
darkpsy , psytrance, hitekk, experimental, dub, underground techno, electro worldbeat, psypop, ....:)

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